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Zombie Hooker Nightmare

2009-10-15 12:22:38 by AdultSwim

Just posted to NG, a game by Adult Swim Games and ThisIsPop -- Zombie Hooker Nightmare. As you might imagine it has zombies, it has hookers (or rather, a hooker, Lola), and the hordes of enemies that swarm you will be quite the nightmare. Seemed like the right game for October.

Play it here -

And of course, we hope you enjoy. Thank you.

Just posted a new game to NG. It's called Twirl and Hurl, and as you might imagine it contains both twirling and hurling. Twirling, because you're spinning tiles to guide a blind and always-moving character across the screen to the exit. Hurling, because if he happens to run into an enemy, he will puke. However I hope this game does not make YOU puke. Try it out, let us know what you think. Thank you!

BTW, this game was produced by Adult Swim Games (that's me! I'm the Games Producer!) and developed by ThisIsPop.

New game! Pizza City delivers to NG

2009-09-10 15:41:19 by AdultSwim

Excuse me for the horrible pun/play on words in the post title but we've got a new game for you today. It's Pizza City, an awesome, radical, gnarly, bodacious (amongst other descriptive '80s adjectives) game that we produced and the fine fellows at Pixeljam developed.

You can play it right now, right here:

I will also tell you this. If you go into Options via the title screen you can input different passwords (up to 3) that have different effects. It's fun to play the game the normal way of course but with passwords it can be even more funner. And I'm going to give you one of these passwords right now. It's TargetPractice. If you input that, all the pedestrians in the game will be clowns, Mimes & Robbers. Now, go forth and enjoy. And let us know what you think. Maybe I'll give out some more passwords in the near future.

Viva Caligula, just posted

2009-08-20 10:40:52 by AdultSwim

Hi there! We just posted Viva Caligula to Newgrounds. Please check it out.

If you like hacking, slashing, killing things, orgies, killing things, hacking, and orgies -- you'll enjoy this one. Lots of blood, lots of areas to explore, 26 weapons to get and use, etc. There's a ton of stuff in this game. And at the risk of sounding biased, it is the greatest game ever made. Possibly. OK Bioshock was pretty good but this is still awesome. In our opinions and all that. Produced by Adult Swim Games, developed by ThisIsPop.

And once again yes this is the real Adult Swim, this game's not stoled or nuthin'.

Vending Machine Champ posted

2009-07-31 00:39:25 by AdultSwim

Like violence against metal machinery? Like salty-sweet-carb-fused-calorie-packed snack treats? Of course you do. I see that bag of Frito-Lay on your desk, your keyboard and mouse brushed with a iight dusting of orange (or brown, if chocolate's your poison). So funnel that rage and hunger at a new game that I've posted for your enjoyment. It's called Vending Machine Champ. And it's at:

Click fast and accurately, and receive caloric pleasure. Thank you.

Do you enjoy video games? We sure do! That's why we've got another one posted here on Newgrounds for y'all to enjoy and play and love and hug and squeeze and [censored].

Please enjoy our latest submission. It's about submission. Well, not really. Well, beating enemies into submission. There's that.

Play Dungeons and Dungeons at:

HRmageddon posted

2009-07-02 15:24:31 by AdultSwim

It's Thursday. Which is sort of like Friday. Anyway, we've got a new way for you to goof off at work.

Enjoyyyyyyy. :)

Amateur Surgeon posted!

2009-05-14 10:59:29 by AdultSwim

Just posted Amateur Surgeon on NG. Go play it, and lemme know what you think. Yes this is the real Adult Swim.