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AdultSwim's News

Posted by AdultSwim - September 9th, 2010

Tie your apron and don your hair net, it's time for lunch. Do you have what it takes to serve slops to some of the worlds most dangerous criminals? In Death Row Diner, take control of the cafeteria and master the art of organization, or you'll be cleaning blood off the floor faster than you can yell "Dinner is served!"

Adult Swim Games is proud to present Death Row Diner, the first game devoted to the noble death row food-service industry. While your customers may be tough, you'll need to be tougher if you want to keep a clean house and please the warden. And we hope you don't have a weak stomach, cause these guys love stabbing.


Posted by AdultSwim - August 27th, 2010

Everybody loves a good meat-treat, especially the hard working employees of Sausage Factory, toiling day after day to pack the freshest meats for your consumption. Of course, the fact that the Boss will fire you if you don't make quota may have something to do with their efforts. And is it any surprise that exhausted workers may occasionally let a human foot slip past quality control?

In Sausage Factory, you and up to three of your friends can work the night shift around the same keyboard, learning all about the high-tech world of meat-based snack production. If you think you've got what it takes to crush baby chicks into delicious sausages, grab a few friends and gather round for some multi-player meat smashing in Sausage Factory, from Adult Swim Games.

Be the meat packer you always dreamed of in Sausage Factory

Posted by AdultSwim - August 12th, 2010

If dying excessively while trying to complete 60+ levels of eye-scorchingly colorful madness isn't frustrating enough for you, we know an antagonistic Robot Narrator who would love to discourage you while you try. Meet him, and the plucky one-wheeled robot with enough balls to defy him, in our new game: Give Up, Robot. It's punishing enough to make a robot cry digital tears, but stick it out and you'll walk away feeling like a God. Did we mention you can grapple? Adult Swim Games is proud to present Give Up, Robot.

Persistence is (the opposite of) the name of the game in Give Up, Robot

Posted by AdultSwim - July 16th, 2010

What would you do if your habitat was slowly melting away and dropping into the ocean? If you said "Go on a gory, murderous rampage" then we've got the game for you. Step into the paws of one pissed-off bear and kill everything in your path (well, not the baby seals, they're too CUTE!).

Adult Swim Games is proud to present Polar Bear Payback, the best game featuring sucking on the skulls of your enemies as the mechanic for regaining health since...seriously, I'm not making that up. Play Polar Bear Payback and embrace the spirit of the green movement, without all that hippy stuff.

Play it here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

Polar Bear Payback: We'll Be Paying Our Debt In Blood

Posted by AdultSwim - July 2nd, 2010

You know it's hard out there for an ice cream vendor / werewolf. Actually it's really not. Just play that tune and watch hordes of insatiable children come running for your truck. Fatten them up and return under the glow of the full moon and you might get a meal yourself!

Adult Swim Games is proud to present Cream Wolf, a disturbing look at the working life of our favorite B movie star. It's strange, it's captivating, it will give you that "no-no" feeling, it's Cream Wolf!

Posted by AdultSwim - June 21st, 2010

Hey folks, it's been a few weeks, but we're back with the best game about a mountain man you've played this month: Mountain Maniac. Send boulders flying down the mountainside and crush every bald eagle and swat team member in your path before raining down destruction on the town below.

Why is the our mountain man so enraged? No idea, but Adult Swim Games is proud to present Mountain Maniac.


Posted by AdultSwim - April 2nd, 2010

Hey all, we have a brand spankin' new game for you gaming pleasure, Floater.

Ever miss those long carefree summer days when you would spend them down by the cool river prodding dead bodies downstream with your friends? Quickly poke this unfortunate cadaver down the rushing waters by racking up bone-crushing hazards, for insane bonuses. Try to beat your best time, and work your way up the Floater Leaderboard on AdultSwim.com

Relive those wonderous days again with Floater, brought to you by Adult Swim Games!

Race Dead Bodies Downstream in Floater!

Posted by AdultSwim - February 18th, 2010

Hi. Hello. This thing on?

It is Thursday, and I've uploaded a new game for you guys to play. It's called Mr. Mullet. It's a horizontally scrolling kinda-shooter-except-you're-not-shooti ng-anything-but-it's-still-twitchy-and -frenetic. It's called Mr. Mullet, and you play this little guy trying to collect up some hair to craft a beautiful mane of his very own. Won't you please help?


There's the URL.


Posted by AdultSwim - December 18th, 2009

Got a new game for you today, to help you celebrate the holidays (or to wile away the winter doldrums). It is Zombie Hooker Nightmare XXX-mas.


Christmas and zombies and hookers just go well together, don't they?

Posted by AdultSwim - December 10th, 2009

Hiya! Happy Holidays and Merrrrry X-mas to you and yours. We've got a new (well, newish) game for you today. It's Amateur Surgeon Christmas. Which also happens to be available FREE for your iPhone. But, you can play it here (also for free).


And yes, the game's pretty hard. Especially if you've not played the original Amateur Surgeon. But in that way it's like Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels. So...enjoy!

Get it on iPhone here:

http://games.adultswim.com/iphone/amat eur-surgeon-christmas-edition-iphone-g ame.html