Polar Bear Payback: We'll Be Paying Our Debt In Blood

2010-07-16 10:42:04 by AdultSwim

What would you do if your habitat was slowly melting away and dropping into the ocean? If you said "Go on a gory, murderous rampage" then we've got the game for you. Step into the paws of one pissed-off bear and kill everything in your path (well, not the baby seals, they're too CUTE!).

Adult Swim Games is proud to present Polar Bear Payback, the best game featuring sucking on the skulls of your enemies as the mechanic for regaining health since...seriously, I'm not making that up. Play Polar Bear Payback and embrace the spirit of the green movement, without all that hippy stuff.

Play it here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

Polar Bear Payback: We'll Be Paying Our Debt In Blood


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2010-07-16 10:42:43

I love family guy


2010-07-16 10:49:44

bring back sealab 2021 my neegra


2010-07-16 10:51:31

looks pretty gay.


2010-07-16 10:51:45

still fifthened tho


2010-07-16 11:01:15

robot unicorn attack

where is it

AdultSwim responds:

Right here. http://games.adultswim.com/robot-
unicorn-attack-twitchy-online-gam e.html


2010-07-16 13:00:35

well aint you clever


2010-07-16 20:01:16

love it


2010-07-17 13:28:21

best game i've seen in a while..animation, good music! loved the idea =D


2010-07-17 19:19:38

I think it'd be awesome if you guys put robot unicorn attack on here. That game is like... the awesome. So please? :O


2010-07-19 23:35:08

hey adult swim can you put beaves and butt head on your channel