Race Dead Bodies Downstream in Floater!

2010-04-02 14:19:34 by AdultSwim

Hey all, we have a brand spankin' new game for you gaming pleasure, Floater.

Ever miss those long carefree summer days when you would spend them down by the cool river prodding dead bodies downstream with your friends? Quickly poke this unfortunate cadaver down the rushing waters by racking up bone-crushing hazards, for insane bonuses. Try to beat your best time, and work your way up the Floater Leaderboard on AdultSwim.com

Relive those wonderous days again with Floater, brought to you by Adult Swim Games!

Race Dead Bodies Downstream in Floater!


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2010-04-02 15:06:14

That was pretty fun thanks


2010-04-02 15:12:17

Nice. Still waiting for that Robot Unicorn though.


2010-04-02 15:23:45

how did that kid at the AS website reach 10,000,00?

...seriously...its just boggling


2010-04-02 16:06:59



2010-04-02 18:36:04

people cheat dude. and yeah like some reviews say. ragdoll physics should really be a good thing for a game like this. but I had fun nonetheless a job well done!


2010-04-02 19:25:59

Find a way to get candy mountain massacre on here please! or robot unicorn attack


2010-04-02 22:22:00

It is fun but kind of difficult


2010-04-02 23:31:03

Where's the Robot Unicorn game??? Come on man, upload the good shit


2010-04-03 00:05:11

Harmony Harmony Oh Love~!


2010-05-13 01:35:43

[adult swim] you kick ass


2010-06-03 04:45:23

YO! bring robot unicorn 2 NEWGROUNDS dat game wuld KILL on here!!!!lol


2010-06-09 18:22:28

can u PLEASE put more adult swim games on ng. and can u get your own channel. im tired of waiting 'till 10 to watch the best shows.