Amateur Surgeon Christmas

2009-12-10 13:43:17 by AdultSwim

Hiya! Happy Holidays and Merrrrry X-mas to you and yours. We've got a new (well, newish) game for you today. It's Amateur Surgeon Christmas. Which also happens to be available FREE for your iPhone. But, you can play it here (also for free).

And yes, the game's pretty hard. Especially if you've not played the original Amateur Surgeon. But in that way it's like Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels. So...enjoy!

Get it on iPhone here: eur-surgeon-christmas-edition-iphone-g ame.html


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2009-12-10 14:02:53

i love adult swim


2009-12-10 14:36:23

i hate adult swim


2009-12-10 14:47:51

I swim adult hate


2009-12-10 15:27:52

I'm riding a furry tractor


2009-12-10 15:33:29



2009-12-10 15:42:39

errdya im hustlin


2009-12-10 16:02:16

COULD YOU ADD MEDALS TO ONE OF YOUR GAMES FOR GODS SAKE? Also could you ask WTF happend to Xaviar: Renigade angel?


2009-12-10 19:47:30

It's on my iphone okay


2009-12-10 21:25:17

Post some Art PL0X.


2009-12-13 00:02:45

A FEW things
1)I fucking love Metalocalypse, more is needed on the programming schedule
2)Adult Swim is the best channel on TV, you shouldn't have to share it with Cartoon Network
3)How come you don't say anything about newgrounds on air? D:


2009-12-14 13:44:32

Frisky Dingo was a great show, shouldn't have removed it.
Probably one of the funniest shows on television just not enough promoting for it.
Either that or people never got to follow the full series and just watched random episodes, thats probably why it didn't reach popularity.


2009-12-14 22:55:05

Where's Assey McGee????


2009-12-15 11:38:12

lol. i didnt beat the whole original game.. but i passed the christmas one c:


2009-12-15 21:04:39

Amateur Surgeon is Way Too Hard, time limit isn't long enough, miss the super small ants once with the shocker and it's game over. Farthest I've gotten is the ?? guy.

Learn some actual game design.

AdultSwim responds:

If you miss you can shock him again to get him back up to 5. That should give you enough time to handle the ants.